About Us

Set boundaries without
excluding your pet!


A quality pet product that fits your style!


“When you need your hands free, this is where your dog should be”.

Easy Hook provides an environment so that pet owners can enjoy their pets without caging or separating their pets from social encounters, or when certain behaviors are unwanted.

Our goal is to provide a duality of benefits for the owner and pets that is bold, creative, versatile, durable, fashionable and usable in everyday life.

This is done by creating a dynamic, trendy pet product that resembles the changing generations and care habits of pet owners in a millennium age.

By allowing your dog to socially interact with each other in a controlled environment promotes a healthier lifestyle and a desirable interaction between everyone.

With Easy Hook dog hooks you have an immediate ability to have behavior correction and full human contact by using this extroverted method of boundary maintenance with Easy Hook.


No more UGLY Crates and Gates

Learn more about THE EASY HOOK


What is Easy Hook? It’s a training tool, a social interaction tool, and an In-Home Mobile Boundary Tool that can connect to any wall. Best of all it blends into the decor of your house and doesn’t resemble your common ugly, industrial-looking, bulky pet products that we’re all used to.

Don’t put your dog in a crate or gate.  Instead use Easy Hook!

How is Easy Hook’s Mission
different from other products?

Mother and daughter have their dog on Easy Hook in the living room We come to work every day with one purpose, how to build better products for pets that are easy to use by humans. Our product is the only In-Home mobile, trouble-free way to tether a pet on a leash. We pushed the limits and tested the boundaries, we judged through comfortably, mobility, and strength and LOVE of every size dog imaginable!


‘Dog On It’,
What’s your reason to use Easy Hook?

  • If you need your hands free
  • Your dog will stay around longer
  • Teaching your dog to respect boundaries
  • Roaming during the Day
  • Stop humping...
  • When you're just relaxing
  • As a training aid, to teach verbal cues: Sit! & Stay!
  • No Gates!
  • Reduce separation anxiety in your dog
  • The ORIGINAL In-Home Dog Hook for Tethering
  • Controlling where your dog is teething
  • Encourage healthy interaction
  • Does your dog get overly excited? Reduce anxiety!
  • Roaming during the Night
  • Stop your dog from jumping on people with healthy boundaries
  • Control rough-housing
  • No Crates!
  • When your dog is in Heat...
  • When company is visiting...
  • Tether your Dog without pet anxiety!