What is Easy Hook? It's a Dog tethering training tool, a docking station that is best used as a social interaction tool.

Easy Dog Hook comes with one Hook and two Wall mounts and can be detached and relocated to another room with ease -- Humans can move it but your dog CANNOT!

Blend Easy Hook into the decor of your house, Mix and match Wall Units to stand out with one of our 8 colors.

What people are saying….

Read about what customers and dog lovers have to say about this innovative product, and click to watch the video from Blue Line K-9 Training!


I was skeptical at first and then I used it, this is most Genius product I have ever used. The fact I can move the hook is beyond helpful. Very, very well designed!

Dr. Owens, Las Vegas PetSmart

Blue Line K-9

Great training to have! It’s there when we need it like doing “recalls”.

Blue Line K-9

Veterinarian animal clinic

I was skeptical at first I didn’t think it would be able to hold bigger dogs. I brought it for my veterinarian clinic. It actually works better than the other dog hooks on the market because you can use any leash with no problems. So far I have had no problems and my stuff and I love them.A great benefit was I could color coordinate the officer. I’ll update you in the future if anything goes wrong.

David Wei, Veterinarian animal clinic

Jason R

I didn’t know if it was art or if it was for the dog. This belongs in an art store.

Jason Roman

Lisa F

Best product on the market!

Lisa Frosting

Jason W

This is a very humane and safe way of controlling the dog’s behavior.  And it looks great

Jason Weinstein

Chris H

Was skeptical at first thought my dog was going to pull it off the wall.  I followed the directions I put it in the studs and I’ve never had a problem.  This is a solid product!

Chris Harper

Gina L

We love you Sugar — you’re doing a great job!  This is a great product.  We use it all the time.  People always ask what is it.  I tell them a Dog Hook!  As you know are dog Caper will jump on everyone when their is company over in the mornings or for dinner.  Keep up the GOOD WORK!!!!

Gina Lancaster, Hampton, VA

Kevin M

I saw this at the hotel while on holiday. It was so convenient. I ordered one. We have it on our deck and living room. This product is going to be big!

Kevin Minter, Kansas

Jameila J

I have a little fur baby I use it at night so “Tardo” does not roam an pee everywhere. No problems installing — very quick! Hahah once I found the studs.

Jameila Jacobs, Brooklyn

Sam N

Great product, it’s definitely different. Easy to install. Bought one for the store. Everyone uses it.

Sam Nadain

Cory J

What I like about it, is that it’s slick — this thing moves!

Cory James

Robert W

I can use most kinds leashes. We have one at our park. It was cool. The one at the park was like this one but it didn’t move.

Robert Wilson

Lisa W

I met the owner of this company twice, the first time he told me about his product. He told me it was great to have as a training device because I have a puller at 180lbs. So finally, I brought his EASY DOG HOOK and I will admit I didn’t think it was going to hold the dog, or the product would break or bend or the wall would come crashing down. Everything is all good and it’s a really cool product just to have. Really great for convenience super easy to use, and you could move it to another location as long as you have a wall mount already in the wall. That’s another thing if you are in the house it can only go in the studs or In concrete or in brick. Make sure it’s on a stud!!! Other than that I give him and his product 5 stars.

Linda Weisenberg –

Candace O

Thought it was going to pull out the wall. Great product 👍.

Candace Owens –


I didn’t like that I had to connect it to the wall. And then I thought everything was connected to the wall!! I should have thought of this.

Met on Shark Tank

I met this Inventor on Shark Tank. This is definitely a great product. Using it just makes all the difference. Way to go Sugar keep going !

Cathy B

This is a cool product. Didn’t like putting it into the wall. But it’s only two holes so it’s not that bad.

Cathy Branford


I mounted my wallmounts on the back of our trailer. Great when camping ⛺️. Great product very useful.

Peggy B

Pissed I have to drill this into my wall. I have no drill!

Peggy Banner

Jeff H

It was nice meeting you, your Easy Dog Hooks are mounted around the café and they look great! People use it all the time!!!! So much better than those other canine hitches you can’t even use those! Great 👍 👍 👍 product

Jeff Hoth

Kevin T

Our hotel looks better with your Dog Hooks. We plan to be in contact with you for more information.

Kevin Tucker

Jackie B

Great product but I don’t wanna move mine. I wanted the Dog Hook that does not move. Sent the wrong product.

Jackie Biden

Nancy D

We live on a farm, and it works great for horses🐴 too!!!

Nancy Diggins